Estate Sale Service


  • ​​Allay Estate Sales LLC services the Greater Pittsburgh Area, but are not limited to.
  • We are Insured and handle all work Professionally.
  • ​Potential clients will contact us so we can set up an appointment to give them a consultation. There is no upfront cost.
  • We will display and price your items throughout the week while we prepare for the sale.
  • ​Each item will be researched, inspected, and evaluated.
  • ​We place fair and current market values on household items.
  • ​Throughout the week, we will also be working on advertising your sale to make sure we have a good  buyer turnout on the day of the sale.
  • Our staff will be at the sale from beginning to end. They will be there to monitor the sale. As well as to answer any questions buyers may have to assist in the sale of your items and to help with the sale whenever needed.
  • A clean out option for unsold items after the sale is available.​​

We also feel the importance of keeping in contact with our clients throughout the entire process. We make it known to our clients that they are available to ask us any questions during the process and should never hesitate to ask.

Our Estate Sale service is a transparent process between us and our clients.

If you are interested in learning more about what we do or if you would like to schedule your free consultation, please call or send us a message through the form below!

Phone: 724-561-9489